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Here is the final project of Internet Programming 2.( Ma Chung University, Information System Study Program)

This site build with ASP.NET (use Visual Basic in code behind).We using several Ajax features in this site.
IS Alumni site is very easy to maintenance.

Main Features in this site:
  • Tracking system (by 3 categories:city,name,occupation)
  • Photo Gallery
  • Download Manager
  • Support Chat Online (it's very easy to maintenance)
  • Ability to post events
  • Ability to post any news
  • RSVP

You can download this project to know another features in this site..
User Login for this site
Admin: 320810008 Password:basket
Staff:320810012 Password:123
User:320810009 Password:123

Please give any comment if bug found in our project.We very appreciate your comment
Thank You

Contact Person:
Charles (
Martin Adiartrisna (

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